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Jamaican Parliament Set to Review the Country’s Sexual Offences Act

Jamaican Parliament is set to review the country’s Sexual Offences Act. The Jamaican criminal code currently prohibits sex between men through the colonial era buggery law, but the 2009 introduction of the Sexual Offences Act further criminalised same-sex relations.

Earlier this month, Labour MP Diane Abbott, the chair of the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Jamaica, reiterated calls for the…

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Rise of LGBT rights in Cuba

In the early 1970s and 1980s Cuba, like any communist country, looked at the other countries for guidance in the hope that they all would be moving in the right direction. Some people think that Cuba grew more tolerant due to the rise of the feminist movement. Many believe this was the key to a more liberal-minded attitude and greater social tolerance towards Cuba’s LGBT community.

This is…

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Gay Rights Will Be Obama’s Greatest Legacy Says Former Clinton Adviser

Richard Socarides, who was a senior adviser to Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1999, has spoken up and claimed that gay rights will be Obama’s biggest legacy.

“Barack Obama has accomplished more progressive social change on gay rights than anything else… The reason why he has that record now is because, publicly and privately, we really held his feet to the fire.”

Richard Socarides

He added that the…

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Casey Stoney Discusses Support She Got After Coming Out

The Arsenal player, and formerEngland women’s captain, Casey Stoney came out as gay in February. In an interview with the FA. women’s footballer said that the support after she came out was “overwhelming”.

She said:

“In my head, it was going to be negative, and it was the complete opposite. It was really overwhelming. I had…

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Winner of the Rose of Tralee ‘Beauty Pageant’ has Public Come Out

The Rose of Tralee started life as a revival of the Carnival Queen – a cunning plan to attract tourists to the town of Tralee, in County Kerry. Since its start, the event has blossomed big time and in 2014, the festival had 50 per cent of the Irish television audience, draw in 200,000 visitors and attract international attention.

The Rose of Tralee is now seen as one of Ireland’s largest and…

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Topshop based its new collection at London fashion week on classic British sub-cultures – mods, rockers, and Northern Soul revellers. It was a collection that spoke of party nights and carefree days.

In keeping with the youthful feel of the brand, the show’s front row was lined with young female starlets from singer Ellie Goulding to Pixie Geldof, Daisy Lowe, Laura Bailey, Laura Carmichael and Alexa Chung.

“I believe that enabling Topshop’s fans to view key looks from the collection before our industry insiders is a real revolution – and one that we are proud to pioneer.”

Sir Philip Green


#SS15 News | Cara Delevingne Leads Models at the Topshop Spring-Summer Show Topshop based its new collection at London fashion week on classic British sub-cultures – mods, rockers, and Northern Soul revellers.

Evelyne Brochu Discusses Kissing Tatiana Maslany’s the Orphan Black

Orphan Black’s Evelyne Brochu recently answered Tumblr fan questions in a special Cophine Edition of Ask OB.

Watch : Heartfelt Interview With Lesbian Couple Who have Been together 72 Years

We covered this story last week, but watch and listen to Vivian Boyack and Alice “Nonie” Dubes  talk about their life together.

More than 70 years after beginning their relationship, the couple finally got married.

“I guess at 90, now we don’t have to worry about anyone saying anything or doing anything about us. And so I think that we’ll be happy now.”

Vivian Boyack and Alice “Nonie” Dubes


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Chely Wright Launches Kickstarter to Fund New Album

Putting together a studio produced album is no easy feat. If you want the album to be of top notch quality – following the successive quality of your previous albums – instead of being recorded in a tin can then you’ll have to plan accordingly. If you want your songs to be less monotonous than just you on the track with a twangy guitar then that will have to be factored in too.

And, if you want…

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Finding acceptance in our hearts, many of us understand that discrimination is wrong. Regardless of your gender identity, sexuality or race we should all be treated with respect because as human beings looking out for one another it’s what we all deserve. Plenty of us also understand that these things should not stop us from getting jobs, finding homes or gaining access to healthcare but unfortunately, the law doesn’t always agree. This is the case in several states in the United States of America where employers are legally permitted to fire someone for being LGBT and it’s because of this, one teacher says, that she was fired.

Barb Webb is the teacher in question and despite working at the all-girls Marian High School for nine years, she says that after she became pregnant she was fired with no explanation. Not only did the school’s board fail to give her a reason for her termination, they also suggested that she resign (with health benefits) and held several meetings with her reminding her of Marian High’s morality clause which states that employees “will not publicly engage in actions, or endorse actions or beliefs contrary to the teachings and standards of the Roman Catholic faith and morality.”

However, even with this morality clause in place, Michigan’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act prevents employers from firing on the grounds of “familial status” which would in theory protect Barb Webb for being fired over her “non-traditional” pregnancy. The problem is that as the law has no specific language pertaining to LGBT employees (Webb has been with her partner Kristin Lasecki for five years) Marian may be able to evade the law.

They can’t evade the watchful eyes of their alumni though as 3,000 former students of Marian High School have joined a Facebook page demanding justice for Webb’s dismissal and 700 alumni have signed a petition in support of the fired teacher. Several have also been part of a protest, involving signs that explain that not only are alumni in support of LGBTQ rights but that the school’s firing of Webb contradicts the teachings of tolerance and respect that they learnt  whilst they were students.

Marian High School’s board have not yet explained why they fired Webb or responded to the protests but we’ll keep you posted once they do.

Lesbian Teacher Finds Support After Being Fired For Being Pregnant Finding acceptance in our hearts, many of us understand that discrimination is wrong. Regardless of your gender identity, sexuality or race we should all be treated with respect because as human beings looking out for one another it’s what we all deserve.

India’s LGBT Community Rejoices at Health Minister’s Comments

Homophobia is not an inherently held opinion; it’s learnt, bred and taught to people before they’ve wised up enough to know better or because there simply aren’t any forces to tell them otherwise.

Often, homophobia – or a general dismay for anything queer – is institutionalised and sanctioned, particularly by stifling, human rights defying laws. That’s especially the case in countries subject to…

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Great Lesbian Dating Tips From Dating Expert Mary Malia

An informative video by Mary Malia for – 3 Great Dating Tips Every Single Lesbian Should Follow

“Ladies, we’re going to give it to you straight. After coming out, one of the reasons why it’s sometimes hard for us to find love — or jump back into the dating field, for that matter — is because we end up getting in our own way. It makes sense that we’re so caught up in figuring out the…

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Every Homophobic Parent Should Watch This

A team of LGBT YouTubers have clubbed together to make this reaction video in response to the shocking video Daniel Pierce posted last week on Youtube, which shows him being confronted by his “Christian” family, which was posted to YouTube last week.

“Hey guys! So here is us and a bunch of our fellow YouTuber friends reacting to a…

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Sisters Or Girlfriends? Lesbians Couples Who Look Related

You all know the scenario the longer you are with someone, the more similar you become one.

Girlfriend TV’s Arielle Scarcella and friends explain the lesbian phenomena: Sisters Or Girlfriends?

“Many of my lesbian couple friends have told me that straight people often comment on their ability to somehow look like they could be sisters, or at least, related.

We all know that the longer we are with…

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Pretty Little Liars’ Sasha Pieterse Discuss Emily and Alison’s Relationship

Life can be hard for the budding, young, gay lady when she’s crushing on a straight girl, not least when that straight girl also happens to be her best friend and it comes at a time when she’s trying to deal with her not-so-heterosexual feelings.

Feel sorry for Pretty Little Liars’ Emily Fields then, the gay teen in that analogy, as not only was she forced to acknowledge the fact that she was in…

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